Radio and Voice Over Samples

Lowe's "Selection" 1:00

60th Anniversary of World War II Commemoration :30

Lowe's "Service" 1:00

Webb Power Systems Narration 5:52

Lowe's "Price" 1:00

WKST "Great Scotties" Basketball :55
Voice Over Demo Reel from 1989

Anchorage Daily News :30

NATO-SHAPE Support Group Logo Contest (AFRTS Radio, Belgium) 1:18

Belmedine's Birthday - Spring Bazaar (AFRTS Radio, Belgium) 1:14
Example Voicemail Announcement from AMC Theaters in Burbank, CA 1:41 Brussels American High School Book Fair (AFRTS Radio, Belgium) :30

Green Park Housing Survey
(AFRTS Radio, Belgium)  1:05